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V Star groups, provide consultancy and advisory services to different sectors, helping our clients increase productivity and, as a result, profitability.

Our Advisory Services are led by functional and industry experts for each domain that we operate in. Through our Advisory-led approach to business solutions, we help our clients make better decisions by global trade data, market research, time and motion, ergonomics on their business priorities; be it strategy, or cost optimization initiatives, or a productivity enhancement drive, or a risk & compliance program. We also help our clients translate those priorities into custom-built outcomes.


VSTAR groups provide critical research to exploit on the market opportunity and gain competitive advantage to enter the new market, launch new products, conduct customer behavior study etc.


This enables our customers to device appropriate strategy for market entry.


We assist clients by analyzing their results, compiling executive summaries and then consulting with them on recommendations for customer experience improvement, best practice development.

It Includes

  • Market Survey

  • Analysis of market dynamics

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Industrial Project Report

  • Data Analysis


VSTAR incorporate the trade data from around the world is a major undertaking because each country has a different reporting methodology.  Our main aim is to offers a full picture of commodity imports and exports with its market-leading solution.

We Identify the effect of new market entrants, identify emerging markets and understand how your known volumes of imports and exports compare to those of your competitors.

We Provides you:

  • Global flow of commodities
  • Analyze new market entrants

  • Identify potential markets

  • Create product or country groups for customized reports

  • Compare value, quantity and unit price among countries

  • Position yourself against the competition


A time and motion study is used to determine the amount of time required for a specific activity, work function, or mechanical process. By determining the work elements and cycles to be studied, capturing cycle time data, and using statistical analysis, accurate times can be calculated and used for planning, measurement, and comparison purposes.

We Provides You:

  • Performance measurement
  • Incentive programs

  • Staffing, equipment and layout planning

  • Time utilization analysis

  • Workload planning and Allocation

  • Identification of non-value-added activities

  • Its Adds value to Organization and helps in:

  • Helps in improving productivity by 10 to 15% or even more.

  • Helps in cutting & controlling waste and wasteful practices.

  • Resource optimization & especially human resource optimization.

  • Man power appropriation not only in term of quantity but quality also.

  • Highlights duplication of effort intra as well as inter department.

  • Identifies efficiency and effectivity gaps.

  • Brings out skill gaps and training needs.


Our Ergonomic Audits are designed to help you recognize and prioritise ergonomic problem areas within your workplace. The audit is performed by our qualified Ergonomists with input from management. The primary aim of the ergonomic audit is to correctly assess your ergonomics programme and ensure that ergonomic controls are appropriate and correctly implemented.

We will report on how your ergonomics program activities compare to acceptable standards. Areas of opportunity will be identified, and recommendations for improvement will be provided.




How the ergonomics programme compares to international standards.

Establish if correct training content is being administered to employees and employers

Know if your current program is addressing the issues effectively to control ergonomics related injuries.


Optimal production planning and scheduling is essential for manufacturing companies. It ensures efficient production, reliable delivery, and lower costs. We help to analyzes, optimizes, and synchronizes the supply chain from end to end. V Star groups do sales planning and production planning systematically and professionally in such a way that it become synchronized and order fulfillment is integrated.

We combine precision planning, expert analysis and detailed execution to ensure smooth transitions, lower operational costs and increased profits. We utilize the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity, in order to serve different customers.

VSTAR do following activities of production planning :

  • Material ordering analysis,

  • Supply chain,bottl

  • Material ordering analysis,

  • Supply chain, bottleneck Analysis,

  • Standardized steps and time,

  • Inventory control,

We will significantly raise your profit margin while your customers benefit from substantial productivity, functionality and an overall increase in quality.


VSTAR groups Facility Solutions provides engineering expertise in facility planning for the FMCG, Manufacturing, Health care and other industrial sectors.  Insightful facility planning is critical to long-term operational success.  Our facility planning services carefully balance historical operational data with anticipated future needs.  Using sophisticated inventory modeling tools, we analyze product throughput, capacities, and SKU velocity to ensure that each facility is operationally “right-sized” for all business needs, both today and in the future, while optimizing capital investments.

Our Facility Planning Services include:

  • Business Modeling
  • Site Evaluation & Selection

  • Short & Long Term Facility Planning

  • Supply Chain & Warehouse

  • Logistics Studies

  • Utility Analysis

  • Acquisition & Due Diligence Studies

  • Permit Acquisition Strategy

  • Capital Budgeting

  • Project Schedule


VSTAR Integrated Planning services help companies identify, implement and institutionalize S&OP, Forecasting, Supply, Production Scheduling and Inventory optimization improvements that drive tangible business results

Integrated Supply Chain Planning is the process of aligning Demand Plan with Supply Plan and Operations plan with Business.

However, many of the organization’s performance is constrained due to lack of effective Integrated supply chain planning processes primarily due to factors like Detailed planning process, Long planning cycles, Lack of ability to continuously sense and quickly respond, Lack of flexible IT systems support and inadequate management focus.

We apply deep and distinctive functional expertise to help clients overcome typical supply chain planning challenges to balance customer service requirements, working capital investment, and customer and product portfolios to achieve the maximum performance from your current inventory investments and network capacity as well as plan for future growth.

VSTAR typical Integrated Planning Engagements may focus on one or more of following key areas:

  • Sales and Operations Planning(S&OP)
  • Demand Planning

  • Inventory Optimization

  • Supply & Replenishment Planning

  • Production Planning and Production Scheduling

  • Order Promise / Available – To- Promise

  • OTIF


VSTAR groups aim is to change the way companies look at Human Resource Management. Today it’s a need to develop HR function to assist the business in managing the workforce, executing Human Resource initiatives and developing continuous improvement strategies to support business.


Whether your organization is a complex global enterprise, a growing mid-sized business, or somewhere in between, we can help you:


We intend to provide you complete human resource management solutions which include:


  • Performance Appraisal(SMART Method)
  • KRA Implementation
  • Employee Orientation Programs and training
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